Milenko Srećković is independent author and publicist, currently employed as a programmer. He is the founder of “Spektrum Cooperative” and the president of the organization ”Pokret za slobodu”. He wrote columns for the Serbian daily “Politika” in the period 2013-2017 and taught master course “Alternative Economics” at the Faculty of Media and Communication in the year 2017-2018. His bibliography includes the book “Corporate Imperialism: Zones of Exploiatation in Serbia” (2015), the collection of publicist works ”Svako zaslužuje spas” (2015), as well as the several other essays, articles and interviews in the field of political-economic and social analysis. He authored the documentary “Just a Witness” (2016). Founded the project Kosovo: Stories about Occupation – Webpage on Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo. Graduated at the Department of General Literature and Theory of Literature and as a Computer Technician. He is born in the village of Veliko Krčmare in the municipality of Rača near Kragujevac.